I would like to greatly thank D.Belakovsky, A.Markov, O.Bartenev, V.Detinich, D.Malishevsky, A.Golovanov, M.Pereladov, E.Voidakov, V.Korshunov, C.Self, M.Tranteev and many my colleagues for the research they carried out on the Cupp-Coutunn Cave. Their unselfish activity provided the present-day level of knowledge of the system. I would also like to thank my colleague-mineralogists who disinterestedly helped speleologists in analytical research and modelling. Especially, I thank N.Skorobogatova, the director of the Mineralogical Museum of the All-Russian Institute of Mineral Resources. Finally, I am grateful to all speleologists, including N.Veselova, L.Minkevich, G.Kulanina, G.Pryakhin and the above-mentioned O.Bartenev, V.Detinich, D.Malishevsky and others for assistance in the photography. Regretably, it is impossible to list all those who deserve credit.

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