Working Groups

We would like to inform you about current status of Paleopedology Commission's Working Groups. People, interested in WG activities,please, submit your concerns. What do you think is needed? What are you willing to do? Those who did not, please, inform us, if you have an interest in the specific working Group activity. Your names and addresses would be forwarded to Working Groups Chairmen for direct communication.

Working Group
Definitions, used in Paleopedology (Paleopedology Glossary) J.A. Catt IACR-Rothamsted, Harpenden,
Hertfordshire AL52JQ, England,
Fax: (0582) 760-981
Classification of Paleosols W.D. Nettleton USDA-SCS2528 B ST Lincoln, NE68502, USA
Methods of field and laboratory study of Paleosols R. Kemp Royal Holloway University - London,
Dept of Geography,
Egham, Surrey TW20 OEX, Great Britain,
Fax: +0784-472836
Pedostratigraphy R. Morrison Morrison & Associates, 13150 West 9th Avenue,
80401-4201 Golden, Co, USA
Diagenesis of paleosols B. Van Vliet-Lanoe Geosciences, Universite de Rennes 1,
35042 Rennes cedex, France
Tel.: (33) 99 28 69 10
Fax: (33) 99 28 61 00
Alluvial pedogenesis Whitney Autin La Geological Survey,
Institute for Environmental Studies,
Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge,
La 70803, USA
Dating of paleosols chairman sought
Paleosols and Paleoclimatic Change in Eastern and Central Asia (PPCECA)" X.M. Fang Dept of Geography, University of Lanzhou,
216 Tianshui Road, Gansu,
730000, Lanzhou P.R.China,
Fax: +0931-8885076
Geopedology of Soils in China (also a subcommission of the China Soil Science Society) Lu Jinggang Dept. of Soil & Agrochemistry,
Zhejiang Agricultural University,
Hangzhou, P.R. China,
Fax: +86-+86-571-774636
Inter-American group on Paleopedology M. Singer, R. Morrison Department of Land, Air and Water Resources,
University of California, Davis, 95616 Ca, USA
R. Morrison: see above
Geoarchaeology E. A. Bettis IDNR-Geological Survey Bureau
109 Trowbridge Hall Iowa City, IA 52242 USA,,
Tel: (319)-335-1578,
Fax: (319)-335-2754

Contribution of Working Group's leaders

All chairperson are invited to submit short presentations, describing their vision of Working Groups activity, to be published in the future issues of Newsletter. Contributions from group members are welcome as well.

Dr. W.D. Nettleton, chairman of Working Group on classification of paleosols. (E-mail:

Research today is directed toward environment and especially toward global change. Paleopedology has something to contribute to this cause. Paleoenvironments can be inferred from study of paleosols. Tools for these studies is an area we could help our cause by sharing about in these news letters. Tools for study of rock paleosols and paleosoils that are difficult to analyse by the common methods would be an especially useful area for our attention.

One of the tools available is micromorphology. Matching fabrics of paleosols and ground soils allows one to infer that the paleosol may have formed under an environment similar to that of the ground soil. Fossils of living forms are especially useful for inferring paleoenvironments. Total analysis is also. Each of these techniques to be useful must be used to relate the paleosol in question to a modern environment.

Although this item points to description and genesis as goals of our exchange I do not want to discourage any discussion of names for taxa should anyone be bold enough to propose any.

Prof. Robert G. Darmody

I have been asked by the Soil Science Society of America to be their Liaison Representative to INQUA, so I have a special interest in the commission's activities. My responsibilities as Liaison are to keep the SSSA informed of INQUA's activities and to provide information about SSSA to INQUA as requested.

Associate Professor of Pedology
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, 61801, USA
Tel: 217-333-9489
Fax: 244-3219

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