Dear Eagle Scientists:


On behalf of President Nagahisa Kuroda and the Wild Bird Society of Japan, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your attending the SSE/WSE Workshop and Simposium and making much-needed contributions. While our welcome to the Research Center at WING was very casual and informal, the meetings appear to be very serious and successful.
It was so nice to meet each other, instead of staring at e-mails on the computer screen, and to exchange information and discuss the important matters all together. I believe we have collectivelly made an important step forward for the research and conservation of the sea eagles. As all of us were getting more concious of throughout the meetings, even the collection of the basic data on ecology of the sea eagles in all regions of the eagle habitats alone poses a big problem to tackle right in the near future, to say nothing about other aspects of research works. However, I have a strong feeling that when we work closely together in a cooperative spirit, we will be able to acoomplish our ambitious goal (and smile happily at the end!). It is a pity that Dr. Potapov and Dr. Zykov were unable to visit us, as planned. But, being an inseparable members of "The SSE/WSE Team," I am sure that they will keep on working hard together. Being Ueta-san's boss, I particularly appreciate your continuously building up data to be put into his computer simulation program. I may have to say "OUR computer simulation program," after all. For this matter, I would like to invite your invaluable advice, criticism, and cooperation so that Ueta-san will be able to come up with the yet better upshot. And I do hope that the computer simulation program will guide us to help conserve the sea eagle population in the future and that the coexistence between nature and human beings might be realized, which is the final goal of WBSJ.

Appreciating your tremendous cooperation again and looking forward to working further together.


Sincerely yours,

Yozo Tsukamoto WBSJ Vice President and Research Center Director