International Working Group
for the Steller's Eagle Conservation

Flying and hunting everywhere, can Eagles adapt to the modern crowded world?

Our mission is to cooperate with and concentrate the efforts of people working for the conservation of our natural heritage...

Mission Statement

The Mission of the International Committee for the Conservation of the Steller's Eagle is to promote conservation of the Steller's sea eagle throughout its range through research. The products of the research are to be used to support conservation action, management, and policy decisions made by NGO's and governmental agencies. As such, the committee is a resource for Steller's sea eagle information throughout their range. The Steller's sea eagle is a species of concern because it lives within a limited range. Its ecology makes it vulnerable to persecution, the effects of pollution, the effects of changes in the amount and distribution of prey, and habitat modification. This mission includes a commitment to maintaining a robust population size throughout its present range, and where possible an expansion of the range to historical areas. The Steller's eagle is a sentinel species within its environment. Efforts to conserve this eagle will also contribute to achieving more general biodivesity conservation goals. The committee comprises wildlife research professionals, wildlife managers, and conservationists from non-government and government organizations.

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