Steller's eagle News

Dear Colleagues,
On the 8 of March 1999 we have found a dead Steller's Sea Eagle in some 6 km north from the Blagodatnaya Bay. The Eagle was killed by Siberian Tiger on the corpse of the Izubr' Red Deer. The Eagle was carrying marks: yellow wingtag on the right wing with sign VI, and on the left wing - green wing tag with the same sign. On the right foot there was a ring marked Moscow 000288. The dimensions of the eagle: body length 940, wing 635, tail 380, beak 63, tarsus 116.7, wingspan 2460, weight 3 kg 250 g, no moult signs noted, underskin fat score 2-2.5. The corpse was seen at the site on 7 January 1999. The stuffed skin is kept in the Sikhote-Alin State Nature Reserve.

Yours, S.V.Elsukov, 16 March 1999 (

The bird was born in summer 1998 and was tagged by V. Masterov in Lower Amur on 24 July 1998.