Sponsored jointly by Environment Liaison Centre International and Rodale International, this 7-day sustainable agriculture symposium drew together program and project level staff from non-governmental groups in 11 African countries and 5 other LDCs.

The program was officially opened by Moses Mukolwe, Deputy Director of Special Projects for the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture, and Dr. Achoka Awory, Coordinator of KENGO (a consortium of Kenyan NGOs). The meeting's primary objective was to exchange experiences and new information relating to the many aspects of sustainable agriculture in development. Participants presented papers about ongoing programs in their respective countries and in-depth analyses of agricultural problems facing LDC farmers. Follow-up discussions considered the effectiveness of new approaches to these problems.

Daily debates covered such issues as traditional farming systems, womens' roles, agroforestry, water management, extension methodology, and land tenure. Three discussion groups examined immediate sustainable agriculture concerns in the economic and political, technical and practical, and sociological arenas. Many of the sessions focused on finding ways to enhance NGO promotion of regenerative farming concepts and practices. Another common concern was keeping NGO programs on a manageable scale.

The workshop venue, in the heart of the Uasin Gishu plateau of Kenya's western highlands, gave participants an opportunity to see East Africa's farm country following one of the region's best long-rains in decades.

Field trips were made to farmers and community groups practicing a number of sustainable techniques. The group visited the Fudumi demonstration farm and a women's group garden near Kakamega, and the Manor House Agriculture Centre west of Kitale.

Funding for the week-long program came from NOVIB (Netherlands), IDRC (Canada), DANIDO (Denmark) and USAID. For more information about the workshop, or to obtain a copy of the detailed report (available August 1988) contact:

Rodale Institute
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Emmaus, PA 18098 USA


Environment Liaison Centre
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