Systems, Techniques & Tools: CONSERVATION FARMING

By Ray Wijewardene and Parakrama Waidyanatha

Drawing from Sri Lankan experience, this book was designed to

support the field training of low-purchased- input farming

extension workers. Compiled results from International

Institute of Tropical Agriculture studies are used to make the

case for 'no- till' farming.

The guide explains no-till planting techniques, herbicide use

and fertilizer application methods. It devotes a complete

section to the use of low-tech tools such as spinning disc

sprayers, knapsack sprayers and the IITA punch and rolling

injection planters. Although not strictly regenerative, these

methods are of interest, because they are properly scaled for

small farms. Furthermore, chapter five explains natural

fertility regenerating systems such as in situ mulching, live

mulching and alley cropping.

Project managers, advanced students and field workers will find

Conservation Farming useful. Its tables build an academic base

for no-till farming, while the text and illustrations concentrate

on the system methodology. A useful complement to Low Cost

Farming. 40 pages, £2.50

From: The Commonwealth Secretariat

Marlborough House, Pall Mall

London SW1