Book Review

A Guide to the Wild Fruits of India

Wild Fruits, by Chiranjit Parmar and Mitlesh Kumar Kaushal, is devoted to the wild fruits of the mid-hill region of the Himalayas. The authors bring together detailed information on the morphological characteristics the plants as well as their economic and horticultural value. The Latin taxonomy of the plants is given as well as their common names in English and various Indian languages. Also included is information on the medicinal properties, yield, utilization, fruiting seasons, chemical composition, and phenology of the plants. A glossary of botanical, medical, Sanskrit and Hindi terms used in the text is also included. This book will be useful to students and researchers in Himachal Pradesh as well as in the Sivalik area and northern India in general. Price is U.S. $15.00.

Copies are available only from:

Dr. C. Parmar
Fruit Research Station
H.P. 173-215