Sources of Further Information

Farm Forestry News is the newsletter of the Forestry/Fuelwood Research and Development (F/Fred) Project,USAID. The project aims to meet the needs of small-scale farmers for fuelwood and other tree products through research. For more information contact: Norma Adams, Project Editor, 1611 N. Kent St., Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22209 U.S.A.; telephone 703/525-9430; telex 248589 WIDC.

Agroforestry Today is a quarterly publication of the International Council for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF). ICRAF's mandate is to initiate, stimulate and support research leading to more sustainable land use in developing countries through integration of trees. Available in English and French. For more information contact: Tom Pawlick, Editor, ICRAF House, P.O. Box 30677, Nairobi, Kenya; telephone 521450.

D&D User's Manual: An Introduction to Agroforestry Diagnosis and Design, (1987) J.B. Taintree. This book published by ICRAF is an excellent manual for carrying out agroforestry research with the participation of local people. For more information contact: ICRAF, P.O. Box 30677, Nairobi, Kenya.

Cultivo en Hileras, (1987) Rodale Institute. This is the Spanish translation of the booklet ALLEY CROPPING, A STABLE ALTERNATIVE TO SHIFTING CULTIVATION published by IITA/Nigeria in 1986. Oriented toward field workers who need a general overview of the benefits and techniques of establishing alley cropping systems. Well illustrated with color photos of IITAs trial plots. 14 figures and tables. $4.50 per single copy from Rodale Institute/International Program.

A Pocket Directory of Trees and Seeds in Kenya, (1984) Wayne Teel. A guide to 90 Kenyan trees, describing their various climate types and planting techniques, including a directory of seed sources. A useful tool for beginners and experienced tree-planters. For more information contact: KENGO, P.O. Box 48197 Nairobi Kenya.