R E C E N T B O O K S & R E P O R T S

Integrated Pest Management: A catalog of training and extension materials. by F.A.N. van Alebeek, Published by Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the Department of Entomology of Wageningen Agricultural University. This catalogue is the result of a worldwide inventory of training and extension materials concerning Integrated Pest Management in tropical and subtropical regions. It includes a wide variety of materials currently available for crop protection education and extension and a directory of international research and information centers concerning IPM in the tropics. readers in the African, Caribbean and Pacific states write to:

Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
P.O. Box 380
6700 AJ Wageningen, The Netherlands.

All others write to:

Department of Entomology,
Wageningen Agricultural University
P.O. Box 8031,
6700 EH Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Integrated Pest Management in the Tropics: Needs and Constraints of Information and Documentation (1989), by Van Der Weel and A.Van Huis, and Plant-Derived Pesticides in Developing Countries: Possibilities & Research Needs (1988), by Dr. R. Gerrits, Dr. E.B.J. van Latum

For more information contact:

Wageningen Agricultural University
Department of Entomology
6709 RZ Wageningen, The Netherlands

The 1989 Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America, by Larry G. Bezark.This list covers 60 companies which have controls for sale. The majority of the organisms mentioned are specific control agents which are useful in orchard, field, ranch, greenhouse or home and garden situations. The list emphasizes predatory mites, parasitoids of flies and beneficial, parasitic nematodes. Several of the companies listed provide literature and consultation services as well.

For more information:

Control Services Program,
3288 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, CA 95832
Phone: (916) 427-4590

Bio-Control: Pacific Prospects (1987), by D.F. Waterhouse K. R. Norris, is a compilation of papers presented at a workshop on control of insect and weed pests in the South Pacific. This monograph is the first produced from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural ResearchÕs South Pacific Program. The authors intend the book to serve as a text and as a reference tool for the identification of target pests and weeds for future control projects in the area. The book costs $A 130.00 plus $A10.00 extra for postage and packing.


INKATA Press Ltd, 13/170 Forster Road
Victoria, 3147, AUSTRALIA.