What a few of our readers are saying about the Ag-Sieve...

"you glean much helpful information in the world to transfer to us, the information is shared verbally with many of the 30+ project personnel." Mr. Wilmer Dagen, World Neighbors.

"i often use examples from ag-sieve in my course on tropical cropping systems, and share ideas with african colleagues in senegal and the gambia." Dr. Josh Posner, Agronomy Dept., University of Wisconsin

"i find 'entre nous' more interesting than'ag-sieve' because it is more relevant to west africa. i just wish you would translate articles into french in ag-sieve that are relevant to west africa and put them in 'entre nous' so i can share them with my malian colleagues." Mr. David Olsen, Country Rep. Lutheran World Relief, Senegal

"i read it because i spent two years doing social research in kenya, and like to send workable ideas to friends there who can and do make a difference in the lives of people i know and care about." Ms. Cattell

"after finding an article on organic farming in my peace corps library written by the rodale institute, i wrote for further information. i received a wealth of information but it was the international ag-sieve newsletter that caught my eye. i found it very pertinent and informative." Bob Ruttgers, Peace Corps Volunteer, St. Vincent, West Indies

"articles and news are wide-ranging but focused, with strong editing for a well understood target audience. items are succinct, informative." Dr. J. Brewbaker, Founder—Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association.

"good information on innovative sustainable projects. it is a vital link in the sustainable agriculture information network internationally. thank you for your good work." Ms. Lu Lagemann, PVO volunteer.