Agroforestry in Africa

This survey of agroforestry systems presents the experiences of 21 projects in 11 countries throughout Africa, to show what has worked and what has failed. Based primarily on site visits conducted between 1988-1989, it also incorporates project reports and other literature.

A broad definition of agroforestry has been used, and the projects represent a wide range of approaches and ecological conditions, from village woodlots in Ethiopia to intercropping with legumes in Cameroon. Their combined experience provides an important insight into the potential of agroforestry, and vital clues as to how projects can be designed better in the future. The projects have been in existence for an average of nine years.

The book has three parts: Part I summarizes the overall lessons from experience to date; Part II presents project profiles; and Part III uses the profiles to illustrate and discuss a number of key elements in project design and implementation.

The study demonstrates the potential for agroforestry and the difficulties of putting it into practice. It emphasizes there are no simple agroforestry solutions and no instant results.

Agroforestry in Africa, a Survey of Project Experience, by Paul Kerkhof, Edited by Gerald Foley and Geoffrey Barnard. Order from: Panos Publications, 9 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD, UK. Make checks payable to Panos Books. Price: 20.00, for orders outside U.K. add 15% for postage. ISBN 1-870670-16-7