Biocontrol Information Sources

The Documentation Center for the Advancement of Agriculture and Environment in the Third World (VFLU) provides information on sustainable agriculture, biological pest control, and ecology to NGOs in developing countries. The information focus is on Latin America. Langgasse 24 H., 6200 Weisbaden, Germany.

The Information Center for Tropical Plant Protection (INTROP), based at the Federal Biological Research Centre (BBA) in Germany, provides extensive information on plant protection, as well as an electronic database "phytomed." BBA operates a question and answer service to those working in plant protection worldwide. They also provide bibliographic information and copies of original papers free to those working in pest control in developing countries. BBA publishes a quarterly bibliography of plant protection publications. INTROP, BBA, Koenigin-Luise-Strasse 19, 1000 Berlin 33, Germany. Fax: (49)30-8304284, Tel: (49)30-8304223.

CAB International Institute of Biological Control (CABI) is an intergovernmental organization that maintains the world's largest bibliographic database on agriculture, forestry, and related disciplines. The machine-readable database can be searched on-line through the international telecommunications network and is also available on magnetic tape. CABI publishes a quarterly journal, Biocontrol News and Information, that contains abstracts on biocontrol and news items, US $116/yr. CABI also runs an international training course on biocontrol. CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, UK. Telex: 847964, Fax: (0491) 33508, Dialcom: CAU015.

The Pest Management and Development Network (PESTNET) in Nairobi, Kenya, operates under the auspices of The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE). PESTNET collates information through the Pest Management, Documentation, and Information Systems Service and disseminates it to member countries. In addition to testing pest management methodologies, PESTNET provides education and training in IPM. A newsletter, PESTNET TODAY, is published three times a year. PESTNET, ICIPE, P.O. Box 30772, Nairobi, Kenya. Telex: 22053 ICIPE/25066 DUDU, Fax: (254-2) 803360.