Education and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture

During recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in formal and informal training programs about sustainable agriculture in all regions of the world. We decided it was the right time to pull together as much of the best information about these opportunities as would fit into an issue of the Ag-Sieve.

What follows is a mini-directory of courses, degree programs and intensive workshops that cover the gamut in subjects dealing with sustainable agriculture, primarily in the tropical regions. Our editorial staff sent a mailing out in midsummer to more than 100 groups who offer such training opportunities. As of printing time, we have heard from about 75 of them, and have compressed much of the pertinent material into the following six pages. We will continue to update this information as more responses are received. Should there be any inaccuracies in the information presented below, please notify us promptly so we can update it before printing a more extensive listing next year.

We know there are many other programs in every region that we have missed, and so would greatly appreciate hearing from readers who are aware of additional training programs not included in this first listing. For a cross-referenced table of what type of training is offered by each agency, see page 8.

Thank you, The Editors

Africa Asia/Pacific Latin America Europe North America

Africa Region

1. National Centre for Forest Tree Seeds (IUFRO)
Course type: Symposium on tree seeds
Course dates: November - December 1992
Fields covered: Seed collecting, handling & storage, distribution and preservation.


National Centre for Forest Tree Seeds
01 P.B. 2682, Ouagadougou 01
Phone: (226)301232

2. Association pour le Develop. Tech. Agro-Eco. (ADTAE)
Course type: Training for farmers and technicians
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Organic farming techniques etc.


M. George Zongo
01 B.P. 37797, Ouagadougou
More info: The courses are specifically organized for farmers and technicians.

3. Association pour la Vulgarisation et l'Appui à la Production Agro-Ecologique au Sahel (AVAPAS)
Course type: Extension techniques, irrigation, agroecology systems in the Sahel, etc.
Course dates: Periodically


M. Sylvain Korogo
AVAPAS, Centre de Kamboince
B.P. 8115, Ouagadougou

4. Sustainable Agriculture and Self Help (SASH)
Course type: Training program for women in agroforestry.
Course dates: Periodically


Kevin Ngwang Gum'ne
P.O. Box 5157, Bamenda, CAMEROON
Phone: (237)35-25-55

5. Baraka Agricultural Training College
Course type: Certificate course in agriculture and rural development.
Course dates: Annually
Fields covered: Crop and animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture, farm management, agricultural engineering etc.


Baraka Agricultural Training College
P.O. Box 52
Tuition: Not indicated

6. International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Course title: Experimental Design and Analysis in Agroforestry Research
Course dates: November - December 1992
Fields covered: General characteristics of agroforestry experiments (design and analysis).


The Course Coordinator
Experimental Design and Analysis for Agroforestry
ICRAF Training Programme
P.O. Box 30677, Nairobi, KENYA.
Phone: (254-2)521-450
Fax: (254-2)521-001
Tuition: US$ 4,800
More info: Tuition cost includes instructional materials, accommodation for 22 days, meals, transport within Kenya and health insurance.

7. The Regional Soil Conservation Unit-Kenya
Course type: Supports training and information-exchange activities in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia)
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Soil conservation and agroforestry.


Swedish Embassy
P.O. Box 30600
Nairobi, KENYA

8. Kenya Institute for Organic Farming (KIOF)
Course type: Workshops on organic principles and practices for farmers and extension workers.
Course dates: Monthly one-week farmer training workshops.
Fields covered: Composting, pest management, crop rotation, agroforestry, intensive vegetable production, botanical insect repellants, etc.


John W. Njoroge
Director, KIOF
P.O. Box 34972
Nairobi, KENYA
Phone: (254-2) 732487
More info: KIOF employs a unique system of supporting community-based promoters, who receive technical training and follow-up advice from KIOF staff, and serve as on-farm demonstrators of practical organic methods.

9. Manor House Agricultural Center (MHAC)
Course type: A two-year certificate course on vegetable cropping using the bio-intensive method, plus several short courses yearly.
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Composting, biological pest control, agroforestry, integrated livestock/controlled grazing, biointensive vegetable production, etc.


Eric Kisiangani
Senior Program Coordinator
Manor House Agric. Center
Private Bag
Kitale, KENYA
Tuition: Not indicated
More info: MHAC accepts 25 to 30 trainees per year, and has volunteers from other countries as teaching assistants.. Short courses are from 1 to 4 weeks and may be tailored to groups' needs.

10. INADES-Formation (Ivory Coast and Kenya)
Course type: Correspondence courses on sustainable agriculture, periodic regional workshops
Course dates: Determined by client
Fields covered: General sustainability of African farming practices.


Mr. Daniel Otieno
INADES Formation-Kenya
P.O. Box 14022, Nairobi, KENYA


Edouard de Loisy, Director General
P.O. Box 8, Abidjan, 08
Phone: Kenya- (254) 2-442201
Ivory Coast- (137) 44-31-28
Tuition: Generally less than US $50 for a complete course
More info: INADES is a pan-African NGO with offices in over 10 countries. Many extension booklets in English and Swahili recently revised and rewritten.

11. Baobab Farm
Course type: Farmers' training workshops
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Land reclamation, nursery management, livestock integration, organic farming, etc.


Rene Haller
BAOBAB Farm Ltd.
P.O. Box 90202
Mombasa, KENYA
Phone: (254) 483729
Tuition: Not indicated

12. Tyiende Women in Development
Course type: Sustainable agriculture
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Sustainable agricultural training for women.


Abraham Naluso
Tyiende Women in Development
P.O. Box 431, Balaka
Tuition: Not indicated

13. Christian Service Committee
Course type: Sustainable agriculture extension
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Not specified.


Patric Chimutu and Ms. Mary Sankila
P.O. Box 51294
Phone: (265)642-877
Fax: (265) 642-616
Tuition: Not indicated
More info: Organizes workshops and other NGO services.

Course type: Agro-Sylvo-Pastoral Intensification
Course dates: On request
Fields covered: Ecological methods (soil conservation, intensive fallow, integration of animal husbandry, etc.)


B.P. 233
Butare, RWANDA
Tuition: Not indicated
More info: The project is a demonstration of practical findings of scientific research.

Course type: Ecological agriculture in the tropics
Course dates: February - April 1993
Fields covered: Fertilization and composting techniques, intercropping techniques, desertification, etc.


BP 3370
Phone:: (221) 22 55 65
Fax:: (221) 22 26 95
Tuition: Not specified
More info: Course is in French and is meant for farmers, monitors, technicians, NGO staff, etc.

16. The International Development Research Center (IDRC)
Course type: Participatory rural appraisal, Train-the-Trainers program
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Not specified


Lynn Ellsworth
BP 1555, Dakar, SENEGAL
Tuition: Not indicated
More info: The course is conducted in French.

17. Rodale Senegal Regenerative Agriculture Resource Center
Course type: Applied on-farm research, demonstration and extension, communication and networking for agricultural development.
Course dates: Year-round, variable duration
Fields covered: Participatory on-farm agronomic research, composting, agroforestry, integrated farming systems, gardening, networking via electronic communications and publishing.


Dr. Amadou Diop, Director
Rodale International
B.P. A237
Phone: (221) 51-10-28
Fax: (221) 51-16-70
More info: Many of these training opportunities are in the form of hands-on internships with some flexibility for intern-initiated projects.

18. Agriculteurs Naturalistes - AGRINAT
Course type: Organic vegetable production methods
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Natural crop protection, etc.


M. Gora Ndiaye
B.P. 10438, Dkr-Liberte
Tuition: Not indicated

19. Association Senegalaise Pour l'Agriculture Biologique - ASPAB
Course type: Composting and agroecology
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Not specified


M. Cheikh Drame
B.P. 412, Thies

20. Flame Tree Farm Training Centre
Course type: Sustainable agriculture
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Composting, animal integration, agroforestry, etc.
Fields covered: Felix Mpange


Flame Tree FTC
P.O. Box 11812
Chingola, ZAMBIA
Tuition: Not indicated
More info: Offers one-year courses for 35 trainees, including married couples.

21. Diocese of Chipata
Course type: Sustainable agriculture
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Not specified


Msekhochika Projects
Diocese of Chipata
P.O. Box 510497
Chipata, ZAMBIA

22. Fambidzanai Training Centre
Course type: Permaculture principles and practices
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Ecosystem management and succession (soil, water, air, minerals, and energy), observation & design skills and strategies, practical techniques, etc.


Fambidzanai Training Centre
P.O. Box 8515, Causeway
Phone: 397037 OR 726911
Tuition: Not indicated

Asia/Pacific Region

23. International Rice Research Institute
Course type: International network on soil fertility & sust. rice farming
Course dates: Periodically for 16 weeks
Fields covered: Soil experimentation and biometrics, soil properties and nutrient transformations, soil characterization and rice cropping systems.


The Head, Training Center
IRRI, P.O. Box 933
1099 Manila, PHILIPPINES
Tuition: Not indicated
More info: IRRI offers various courses covering different aspects of rice cultivation, including low-input practices.

24. University of Queensland
Course type: Second International Course on Fodder Tree Legumes
Course dates: November - December 1992
Fields covered: The range of fodder species available to agriculture, their environmental adaptation and role in animal production, soil fertility and erosion control.


Dr. R. Gutteridge or Dr. H. Shelton
Department of Agriculture
University of Queensland
St. Lucia, Queensland 4072
Phone: 61(7)365-4037
Fax: 61(7)365-4433
Tuition: AUS$ 12,000

25. International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
Course type: International course on regenerative agriculture
Course dates: October 1992
Fields covered: Low external input agricultural technologies and project management for sustainable agriculture.


Dr. Julian Gonsalves
Director of Appropriate Technology Unit
IIRR, Silang, Cavite, PHILIPPINES 4118 or IIRR, 475 Riverside Dr., Room 1270 New York, NY 10115 USA
Phone: 212-870-2992 (NY office)
Fax: 212-870-2981
Tuition: US$ 2,500

26. Himachal Pradesh University
Course type: Resource Inventory Techniques to Support Agroforestry Activities
Course dates: 1993
Fields covered: Not specified.


Dr. Atul
Department of Horticulture and Forestry
H.P. University
Palampur 176062, H.P., INDIA

27. Asian Institute of Technology
Course type: Various courses in alternative agricultural methods
Course dates: 19 April - 23 July, 1993
Fields covered: Management of rainfed agriculture, Integrated farming systems management, technologies for agribusiness development.


Admissions Officer
Continuing Education Center
GPO 2754, Bangkok, THAILAND
Phone: 524-5272
Fax: 516-2126

Latin America

28. Centro para la Investigacion en Sistemas Sostenibles da Produccion Agropecuaria (CIPAV)
Course type: Master of Science in Sustainable Development of Agricultural Systems.
Course dates: Not indicated
Fields covered: Alternative land-use management systems


T.R. Preston
Phone: 23-580824
Fax: 23-57307
Tuition: Not indicated

29. University of Costa Rica (and Organisation for Tropical Studies)
Course type: Graduate-level field course in sustainable agriculture
Course dates: January - February (annually)
Fields covered: Not indicated.


Barbara E. Lewis
Academic Coordinator
OTS, Costa Rican Office
2050 San Pedro de Montes de Oca
Phone: 5060-40-6696
Fax: 5060-40-6783
Tuition: Not indicated

30. University for Peace
Course type: Raising the Value of Non-Timber Products and Services for Local Communities
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Not specified


Gerardo Budowski
Universidad para la Paz
Apado. 199, 1250 Escazu
Fax: (506)49 19 29/53 542 27
Tuition: $2,200 (plus airfare)
More info: The course is in Spanish and is intended for persons involved in development, university and technical school professors, conservationists, resource planners and specialists in related fields.

31. Centro de Educaci—n y Technolog’a (CET)
Course type: Practical training programs/short courses for farmers
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Organic vegetable production, agroforestry, small livestock management, seed production, etc.


Gonzalo Valdivieso
CET, Traiguin 2260
Santiago, CHILE
Tuition: Not indicated

32. New Dawn Farm
Course type: One-month (or longer) field training in organic crop production, small farm management.
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Organic horticulture, pest management, agroforestry, etc.


Dr. Edward Barnhardt
New Dawn Farm
Apartado 372
San Isidro de El General

33. Escuela de Agricultura de la Region Tropical Humeda (E.A.R.T.H.)
Course type: B.S. degree program in ag. sciences.
Course dates: Program begins mid-January, runs for three trimesters through mid-December.
Fields covered: Full range of agricultural science courses.


Direcion General
Apartado postal 4442-1000
Phone: (506) 55-2000, 22-6100
Fax: (506) 76-5231
Tuition: US$ 9,600/year

34. Centro de Investigaciones Ecologicas del Sureste (CIES)
Course type: Practical training up to B.S. level
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Biological pestcontrol, low-input production methods in coffee.


Dr. Raul N. Ondarza
Director General
Apdo. Postal 36
Tapachula, Chiapas 30700, MEXICO
Phone: 91-962 (5-00-85)

35. Assoc. of Consultants for a Sustainable, Ecological & People-Centered Agriculture - COSECHA
Course type: Seminars and short courses
Course dates: Tailored to clients' needs.
Fields covered: People-centered methodology, misc. ecologically sensitive ag. technologies.


Roland Bunch
Apartado 3586
Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS
Phone: (504) 76-23-54
Fax: (504) 31-43-28


36. The Food and Agriculture Development Center (ZEL)
Course type: Both short- and long-term courses are offered annually, and cover a variety of selected areas on sustainable ag.
Course dates: Annually
Fields covered: Professional fields such as plant production, plant protection, pest control, animal production, animal health, agricultural engineering, extension work, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, etc.


Food and Agriculture Development Center
Wielingerstr 52
D-8133 Feldafing, GERMANY
More info: ZEL is noted for its quality of training for technical and key personnel in developing countries.

37. Wye College, University of London
Course type: M.S. Degree in Sustainable Agriculture
Course dates: Beginning October (annually)
Fields covered: Sustainable agriculture issues and production systems, economics and sustainable development.


The Registrar,
Wye College, University of London,
Ashford, Kent, TN25 5AH ENGLAND
Phone: 0233-812-401
Fax: 0233-813-320

38. Wye College, University of London
Course type: Third Wye International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture
Course dates: 31 August - 3 September 1993
Fields covered: Soil management in sustainable agriculture.


Dr. Hadrian Cook or Dr. Howard Lee
Wye College, University of London
Ashford, Kent, TN25 5AH ENGLAND
Phone: 0233-812-401
Fax: 0233-813-320

39. Wageningen Centre for Crop Protection
Course type: Education and training programs in crop protection
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: General crop production and protection courses.


Wageningen Centre for Crop Protection
Binnenhaven 7-12
P.O. Box 8031
6700 EH Wageningen

40. Emerson College - Rural Development Program
Course type: B.S. degree program
Course dates: Year-round
Fields covered: Biodynamic agriculture in tropics and subtropics on sustainable rural development.


The Secretary
Emerson College
Forest Row, E. Sussex RH18 5DB
Phone: 034282-2238

41. International Agricultural Centre


International Agricultural Centre
P.O. Box 88, 6700 AB Wageningen
Tuition: Dfl. 4,800

42. Wageningen Agricultural University
Course type: Ecological Agriculture Master of Science courses
Course dates: Beginning every September, running for 17 months.
Fields covered: Agroecosystem analysis, integrated methods in ag. research, establishment of sustainable farming systems.


Dept. of Ecological Agriculture
Ir. C. van Veluw, Haarweg 333
Phone: (31) 8370-84676/83522
Fax: (31) 8370-84995
Tuition: US$ 22,000 (all-inclusive)

Course type: Tropical agroecology
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Basics of agroecology - fertility management, water management, etc.


M.P.Burger, CIEPAD
Le Triol
F-34380 Viols-le-Fort, FRANCE


M. Messe, CNEARC
Agropolis, B.P.5098
F-34033 Montpelier, FRANCE
Phone: (33) 67550797 (CIEPAD)
Fax: 67557578
Phone: (33)67545533 (CNEARC)
Fax: 67410232
More info: This program is the only advanced training on the subject in France, conducted in French.

Course type: Food and agriculture, forestry, etc.
Course dates: Regularly, throughout the year.
Fields covered: Identification and biology of parasitic insects, food mycology and beverage fungi, plant pathogenic bacteria, etc.


Dr. Roger Hammond
Senior Training Services Officer
CAB International, Wallingford
Phone: 0491 32111
Fax: 0491 33508
Tuition: Based on duration of course.
More info: Courses are conducted at various institutions around the world. Organizes post-graduate courses as well.

45. Overseas Development Group
Course type: Environmental Management in Developing Countries
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Not specified


The Course Director
Overseas Dev. Groups
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ, ENGLAND
Phone: (0603) 57880
Fax: (09063) 505262
More info: The course is designed for natural scientists, social scientists and policy makers.

46. ETC Foundation
Course type: Environment and Sustainable Development (4-day workshop)
Course dates: Twice yearly, January and September.
Fields covered: Environmental impact of development projects, approaches to minimize adverse effects, agroecological approaches to project development.


Erik van der Werf
ETC Foundation
P.O. Box 64
Phone: 033-943-086
Tuition: Dfl. 2,520 (lodging included)

North America

47. Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association
Course type: Apprenticeships in bio-dynamic farming
Course dates: Annual apprenticeships
Fields covered:
Livestock management, esp. dairy cows, bio-dynamic horticulture, greenhouse techniques, orchard management and soft fruit production, etc.


Rod Shouldice/Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 550
Kimberton, PA 19442 USA
Phone: (215) 327-2420

48. University of Florida, Inst. for Food & Agric. Sciences
Course type: Short courses (some USDA-sponsored), May through August
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: IPM, agroforestry extension & training, farming sys., vegetable production, postharvest technology, marketing.


International Training Division, IFAS
University of Florida
1001 McCarty Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA
Phone: (904) 392-3166
Fax: (904) 392-3165

49. Malachite School & Small Farm
Course type: Hands-on training and classes
Course dates: Not indicated
Fields covered: Small-scale organic farming.


Alan Mace, Director
A.S.R. 21 Pass Creek Road
Gardner, CO 81040
Phone: (719) 746-2412

50. NifTAL Project
Course type: Specialized extension and inoculant production courses.
Course dates: Basic 6-week courses, periodically.
Fields covered: Genetic technologies, serology, and commercial inoculant production.


NifTAL Project
1000 Holomua Ave.
Paia, Maui, HI 96779-9744 USA
Phone: (808) 579-9568
Fax: (808) 579-8516

51. University of California - Davis
Course type: Courses on sustainable agriculture systems.
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: General principles of sustainable agriculture.


Agriculture and Natural Resources
University Extension
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8727 USA
Phone: (916) 757-8634

52. University of California -Santa Cruz
Course type: Apprenticeships in ecological horticulture
Course dates: 6 April - 2 October, 1993
Fields covered: Hands-on learning with instructions on organic horticulture methods, cultivar requirements, pest and disease considerations and marketing.


Apprenticeship Coordinator
Agroecology Program
P.O. Box A, University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA
Phone: (408) 459-4140
Tuition: US $1700

53. NFTA
Course type: Production, use and management of nitrogen-fixing trees.
Course dates: Periodically
Fields covered: Biological nitrogen fixation process, nursery management and tree-planting skills.


1010 Holomua Ave., Paia
Hawaii 96779 USA
Phone: (808)579-9568

54. Rodale Institute Research Center
Course type: Annual internships (usually about 10) running from early Spring to mid- or late-fall.
Fields covered: Agronomy/Farming Systems, Legumes, Horticulture (Demonstration Garden), Agric. Systems Analysis, Rural/Urban Program, Information Exchange/Networking and others.

For an application contact:

Internship Program
Rodale Institute Research Center
611 Siegfriedale Road
Kutztown, PA 19530 USA
Phone: (215) 683-6383
Fax: (215) 683-8548
More info: These are paid positions offering hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture research and demonstration. Interns are responsible for their own lodging.