______________________________________________________ On Sustainable Agriculture for the Lowlands edited by Janet Durno, et al. Southeast Asia Sustainable Agriculture Network (SEASAN). The contents of this useful resource book include overviews of agricultural systems in seven Southeast Asian nations; reviews of appropriate technology for small-scale rice production, pest management, fish production, animal husbandry, and agroforestry; real farm case studies and model farming systems; methods for collaborating with farmers; and pointers on networking. The book, an outcome of a workshop on Sustainable Agriculture in the Lowlands held in Thailand in 1989, is intended for development workers in rainfed areas of Southeast Asia but is applicable to similar agroecological systems around the world. Concise yet fundamental pictures of the agricultural production systems in each nation discussed in the resource book are provided. The book explains the underlying principles of low-input, regenerative management of soil and water resources very well. The illustrations of practical pumps, integrated farms, and tools and techniques of low-input production are uncomplicated, with some exceptions. The information about livestock husbandry is quite good. Overall, the information presented in the resource book has been carefully screened and edited. As such, the book is very accessible and readable. The farm case studies are a welcome inclusion to the resource book, allowing readers an opportunity to understand the perspectives of six farmers whose compelling testimonies bear witness to their courage and creativity. However, women farmers are under-represented in this feature of the resource book. The book's subsequent section on working with farmers summarizes what is valuable, and what are constraints, with respect to effective extension methods. The development and strengthening of community institutions are discussed in detail, as are gender issues. The final section on networking points out the major issues of sharing common institutional interests and information exchange, but could offer more details about the many networks that work well. Order from: CUSO 17 Phahonyothin Golf Village Phahonyothin Road Bangkhen, Bangkok 10900 THAILAND