Gardening and Urban Agriculture Resources

The Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, (AVRDC), based in Taiwan, is the world center for research on vegetables grown in the tropics.

AVRDC is compiling a database on vegetables suitable for home and school gardens as well as hydroponic urban gardens. The database will include nutritional value, pest and disease resistance, market value, seed availability, optimal climate conditions, soil and water conditions.

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For case studies in urban agriculture, the World Hunger Education Service has published a special issue of Hunger Notes: "Urban Food Production: Neglected Resource for Food and Jobs", edited by Irene Tinker, US$5.

World Hunger Education Service
PO Box 29056
Washington, DC 20017. USA.
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The Urban Agriculture Network has a three-pronged strategy to promote urban agriculture through research and analysis, communication and information dissemination and projects and surveys on urban agriculture. They are in the process of publishing a comprehensive book on urban agriculture which will be available from the Network in June 1994.

Urban Ag. Network
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