Rodale's Russia RARC:

The Foundation for Agrarian Development Research (FADR)

This new project began on June 1, 1994, funded by a grant from USAID through World Learning, Inc. and a sub-contract to Rodale Institute.

The goal of the FADR is to become an institution that has the capability to establish networks of local community-based projects, facilitate regional, national, and international information exchange, and influence national agrarian policy. The role of RI in this initiative is to:

The project will improve the FADR's capability to use information exchange processes to establish community-based partnerships for planning and implementing projects that address: 1) local and regional development issues; and 2) national policy initiatives derived from local and regional experiences. The project's activities are located in four regions of Russia:

Activities include:

Project Staff:

Alexander Makeev, Ph.D., Project Director