International Ag-Sieve

Semi-Arid Agriculture

Volume II, Number 8, 1989 (Semi-Arid Agriculture)

"sustainable agriculture has emerged as a key issue of farming systems research and development, and the concept of sustainability includes the notion of conservation of natural resources. farming practices tend to degrade the natural resource base and the challenge for modern agriculture is to minimize this degradation while increasing agricultural productionl. this cahnllenge, in the milieu of the semi-arid tropics of developing countries, has a different dimension, as here one is dealing with low-input technology and resource-poor farmers, working in an unpredictable agroclimate and on a highly variable and low quality resource base."

S.M. Virmani, ICRISAT Contents:

  • Food from the Deserts: the Potential of Runoff Farming

  • Wild Fruit and Nut Trees - Appraising the Treasure of the Desert

  • Information Sources on Arid Lands Agriculture

  • Book Review

  • Irrigate Your Crops with Pots

  • Opportunities (Small Grants)