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FADR team are staffed by high quality professionals who focus on farmer-to-farmer training, on-farm research, and the use of a variety of information exchange media. All team members speaks fluent English and experienced in International projects.

Sergey Victorovich KISSELEV
Date of Birth: August 10, 1954, Saint-Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia

Citizenship - Russia

Membership of professional groups, boards, etc.:

Member of the Scientific Council of the State Committee on Statistics of the Russian Federation (1984-present)
Member of the Commission "Agroindustrial Complex of the USSR" by the Scientific Council on Problems of Technical and Socioeconomic Forecasting under the Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the State Committee on Science and Technics (1987-1990)
Member of the Editorial Board of the Russian Economic Journal (1984-96)
Member of the Council "Agroindustrial Complex" by Committee on Lenin and State Awards under the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1988-1991)

Member of the Working Group of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on land legislation (1989-1990)

Member of the Working Group of the State Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation The elaboration of legislation on the state regulation in the agro-industrial complex (1994)
Member of the Executive Committee of the Network for Agricultural Policy Research and Development (NAP), Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee (1996-1998)
Head of the Working Group of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on the WTO issues (1997-2000)
Deputy Head of the Working Group of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on the WTO issues (2001- current)
Member of the Scientific Council of College of Economics, Moscow "Lomonosov" Uneversity
Member of Expert's Council on Foreign Trade and Protection Measures of the State Duma (Russian Parliament) (2000-current)
Member of Council on Agrarian Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation (1997 - current)
Member of the Council of Agricultural Economy and Land Relations of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1997 - current)
Member of the Experts' Council on Development of Export of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF (2002 - current

Member of working group on Law of "Principles of Legislation on Land for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Union's Republics' 1990)
Head of Working group on Draft Law "On the State Programs in the Agro-Industrial Complex" (1992) (funded by Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation)
Head of Working group on Draft Law "On the State-owned Agricultural Enterprises" (1993-1994) (funded by Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation)
Expert of the UNDP project on WTO issues (1996)
Expert of TACIS "Agricultural Free Trade Area project" (1996-1997)
Expert of TACIS project "Support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in developing strategies conducive to reform" (2001)
Researcher of project BASIS on rural labour market (2001-2002)
Consultant of UNCTAD on WTO accession's issues (2002)

Senior Research Scientist in Economics (1992)
Professor (2003)

Doctor of Economics (1994)
Thesis on the state regulation of agriculture under the conditions of the transition economy.

Candidate of Economics (1980)
Thesis on the adjustment of economic conditions of the collective and state farms.

Economist, Instructor on Political Economy (1976)

IREX Open Competition Grant for a research project on taxation and bankruptcy in agriculture (USA, May 1994)
N.G.Chernyshevskii Award for academic excellence from the Moscow State University, College of Economics (USSR, 1975)

Full Employment Record:
Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics (2001 - current)

Vice-Minister in charge of the Agrarian reform (1997 - 2001)

Deputy Director, Head of research group (1990-1997) , .


Scientific secretary (1983-1990) MOSCOW

Adviser of Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation (2001-current)
Professor, Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Economics, Moscow State "Lomonosov" University (1997 -2001)
Assistant professor. Department of Planning, Moscow Agricultural Academy by K. A. Timiryazev (1987-1990)
Assistant professor, Institute for Improvement of Teaching Qualifications, Moscow State University (1980-1983)

Government Regulation of Agriculture under Conditions of Transition Economy - Moscow, 1994
Government Regulation of Agriculture under Conditions of Market Economy - Moscow, 1992
Agriculture in the Mirror of Macroeconomy - Weekly "Economy and Life", 1998, July, 29
Property: Burden or Stimulus -Weekly "Economy and Life", 1999, June, 26
Tariff Protection and Budget Support of Russia in Context of Joining to the WTO, 2001, #9, Journal of Agro-Industrial Complex: economics and management"
Land-Mother and Law-Father : Lack of Mutual Understanding, Weekly "Economy and Life", 2001, August, #35

Work Address - MSU, Lenin's Hills,
Faculty of Economics,
Department of Ag. Economics
Moscow, 119992, Russia
Tel/Fax +7- (095)- 939-3427

Dr. Alexander Makeev
Dr. Alexander  Makeev
Graduated from Geographic Faculty of Moscow University. Specialize in general soil science and land management. Member of numerous International societies - International Union of Soil Science, Dokuchaev Soil Science Society of Russia, German Soil Science Society, secretary of the International paleopedology commission, member of loess commission of INQUA. Author and co-author of more then 60 scientific publications. In 1996-1998 Dr. Makeev was a member of Supreme Ecological Counsel of State Duma. Upon the initiative of the Senate leader Prof. E. Stroev he participated in the development of Russian agrarian policy. Since 1996 A. Makeev represents Soil Science Faculty in Rector's Counsel on telecommunications.

Project coordinator
Ivan Evgenievich Perov
Ivan Evgenievich Perov
was born in the 70's of the past millenium. I was born and growing up in Moscow. Until 1992 was doing various things - actor in the theatre, ambulance driver, mechanic, veterinary assistance for cows, sheep and pigs, ploughed and planted crops on the endless fields of our Motherland. Entered the Agricultural University in 1991 course by correspondence. Successfully completed in 1998 and obtained qualification of "Economist accountant in Agriculture". In the breaks between my studies worked in various international projects. My personal achievements to-date include: in a team of Russian and International professors the publication of two training manuals in agricultural business management. Both training manuals has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture Education Department. My life approach: " to do less and less until there is virtually nothing to do and yet, nothing remains undone". Married, have son.

Anna Valerievna Konstantinova
Anna Valerievna Konstantinova
practical psychologist. Was born in Moscow in 19, but I look younger. I am graduated from Pedagogical College in 1991 and Open Pedagogical University in 1998. Worked in a kinder garden and a computer designer in a large publishing house. My additional training include: radio script writing - Missouri State University and communication methodology - Perdue State University. My personal achievements are my son with enormous potential and the development of a regular radio program "Rural Internet" on "Radio Rossii". Married.

System administrator:
Vadim Berkgaut
Vadim Berkgaut
System administrator V. Berkgaut has been a member of the team since 1994. He established the LAN with Internet access in the FADR Central office at the Moscow University Soil Science Faculty (as a result this Department is still leading Internet development in MSU). He has operated as a UNIX system specialist for 3 years, keeping abreast of the latest developments. Unix systems administration, Unix/Windows integration, Perl cgi programming, web and mail conference development and support, database management, general software evaluation.

System administrator:
Ivan Kokshaisky
Ivan Kokshaisky
Unix systems administration, C/C++ programming, general hardware evaluation, hardware maintenance.

Referent, web-designer
Alexander Ladygin
Alexander Ladygin
Graduated from Moscow State University at 1987. Specialist in the field of ecology and nature conservancy. Professional photographer.
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