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We offer you the unique possibility to set your advertising information on the oldest (opened at 1994) and most popular Russian agrarian server.

Server's monthly statistic is about 800 000 hits. The commercial web board Agromarket - the part of FADR informational net - is more then 3000 messages per month and more then 12 000 visitors. That is much more then any others russian rural Internet resources.

Our server is integrated in the Moscow State University net with the single channel 4 Mbps to foreign countries and 155 Mbps within Russian. Weekly prophylaxy time at our server never exceed 20 min.

All that guarantee the maximum speed, minimal loading time and high reliability of our server.

FADR site is oriented on the focus audience , which advance the effectiveness of advertising. The most of our visitors are only persons who involved in the field of agrobusiness - from farmers to large agroholdings.

Price list for advertising at FADR sites*

1.Banner **

FADR resource name
Weekly price, $
Price for 1000 hits, $
Web-board FADRNews
All resources
English versions of Agrorus and FADR


* There is a system of discounts, which depends on the banner position: banner at the bottom of the page - 20%, at the side 15%. Warranty top positioned banner: +30% of total price

**Banners requirements.

At the moment we disposal only 46860 and 100100 px. Banner size cannot exeed 20 kb.

You can both - use your own banner or order banners at our web studio. Our price for banners development is very low. You can see some of our banners here.

Price for banners development*

Size and type of banner
Date of production
Price, $
46860, static
2 days
46860, animated
About 5 days
46860, flash
7 days
100100, static
2 days

*There is minimun price which could be changed in depends of banner complexity.


Terms and conditions of advertisment :

We do not accept the advertisement which is in contradiction with Russian lows, abusive or pornographic.

We remain the right to decline the advertising without any explanation.

The current price could be changed. Please, call us before you decide to place advertisment.


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