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Colocation at the FADR Data Center.

Due to the boom in Russian language web site traffic and especially web sites devoted to Russian agribusiness, the Foundation for Agrarian Development Research offers you web-hosting and colocation services at our data center in the Moscow State University Science Park.

We guarantee you a fast reliable broadband connection, backed by 24/7 service from FADR's expert system administrators which will relieve you of the trouble of ensuring that your web site is up, properly maintained and serving your information around the world.

You can place in our data center a single server, a server system created from your own equipment or you can rent a server from us. Your server will be connected to the Internet through our broadband (100 Mb sec.) fiber-optic connection.

All hardware in the data center is has uninterrupted power supply.

All servers are monitored by an automatic system that records any problem, which can then be dealt with 24/7 by FADR system administrators.

You will have physical access to work on your server 24/7 without additional charges.

Physical security of the data center is provided 24/7 by the security service of the Moscow State University Science Park.

As an additional service, we can provide you with Internet connectivity through our modem pool at a discounted tariff.

FADR is ready to offer you any service connected with information support for your Internet activities.

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