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Perhaps you are thinking about building a Web site for the first time. Maybe you have a Web site but it is not performing as you had hoped. We can help. FADR has been building Web sites tailored to the Russian market since 1996.
First, we work with you to define your strategy. Whether you are a business that wants to increase its revenues, a government agency that wants to reduce the expense of providing information or a non-profit that wants to promote your activities, we can help you establish realistic objectives for your Web site based on our almost five years in the marketplace.
Second, we will build you a site that maintains your brand image but is optimized for the realities of the Russian Internet environment. Most users access the Internet through low quality modem connections. If your site requires too much bandwidth, your potential clients will never see what you have to offer because they won't wait for the site to download. Studies have shown that 10 seconds is the maximum time most users will wait before losing interest. We're focused on low bandwidth sites with superlight graphics for quick browser rendering. Sites focused on the user.
Third, with over 2 billion pages on the Web it's difficult for potential customers to find you. We make sure that your site is search engine optimized, provide periodic analytical reports of site traffic and can work with you on designing a promotion strategy that will give you the best chance of being found among the crowd.
Finally, our project management skills keep development on time and within budget.
If you would like to discuss your unique situation and how we can help you to realize your goals, please contact us.

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