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FADR, the Rodale Institute, INFORUM and the United Nations Development Program led the First international electronic conference on Privatization and Agrarian Reform in Russia, involving more than 100 participants from over ten different countries.

Together with Agrarian Committee of State Duma FADR organizes an International conference on Russian Agrarian Policy, that was held in Duma. Upon initiative of Speaker of Soviet of Federations (Senate) of Russia Prof. Stroev FADR participates in preparation of the Concept of Agrarian Policy for Russia for 1996-2000.

Both FADR President and Director Makeev are the members of Supreme Ecological Counsel of State Duma of Russian Federation and participates in preparation of a Federal Soil Act.

FADR is a distinguished leader in telecommunications at Moscow State University. FADR staff was responsible for establishing a Local Area Network (LAN) and Internet site ( at Soil Science Faculty.

FADR has developed and host on it's server numerous Web-pages of agriculture-related institutions (including Web-page of it's partner Rodale Institute, Network for Agricultural Policy for Countries with Econimies in Transition, Center for Citizens Initiatives, Russian Grain Union, Russian Peasants Party, farmers section of East-West Women Association, Russian Land Reform Web Page, etc.).

FADR becomes a member of Russian Grain Union and responsible for it's information policy of Russian Grain Union till now (

FADR Director is a member of NAP, an FAO Network of Agricultural Policy for the countries with economy in transition and supports their web site. In May A. Makeev participates in the International Conference "Analysis of agri-food sector developments in Central and Eastern European countries", Bucharest, Romania. Full text of Dr. Makeev's presentation entitled "Interent as a new factor of agrarian development" was published in FAO special publications volume (Rome, 1996).

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