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FADR became a Member of ACE-Russia affiliate. ACE is an international communication organization that links agricultural communication experts, produces state-of-the-art education materials on communication topics, and holds regular meetings at which members share their expertise with others. FADR participate in Annual ACE meeting in Toronto, Canada.

ACE delegation near the FADR office at Moscow State University
FADR participate and make recommendations in a round table discussion "Agricultural Land Turnover". The round table was organized by State Duma Agricultural Committee with the support of EcoNiva-company. The participants represented State Duma deputies, Members of the Federation Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economics and Land Code Committee.

FADR joined Russian Delegation and participated in international conference "Digital Opportunities for Central and Eastern Europe", Bucharest, Romania, organized by UNESCO. FADR made recommendations for planning and successful project implementation in regard to community multimedia center development.

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