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FADR developed the radio component of the Rural Information Network that includes Internet archive of the radio programs, dissemination radio programs on the CD's, regular program "Rural Internet". With the support of the PressVideoCentre, FADR starts a regular broadcast on "Radio Rossii".

Radio programms editor Anna Konstantinova at radio studio at the press-video center of the Ministry of Agriculture

FADR director is presenting Russian Rural Information Network on the International Conference on rural communications with the delegates from 89 countries (Washington DC, October, 1999).

FADR establish Agromarket - a bulletin board for commercial announcements. This bulletin board became the most popular agricultural bulletin board in Russia.

At the field visit in a farm Avdeevskiy at Zarayskiy region with informational partners

FADR facilitates the information support to children communication project "Ecological Partnership". (

FADR continue it's training programs on the use of Internet in agriculture and agribisiness. FADR publish a training manual "First steps on Internet", addressed primarily to agricultural users.

FADR participate in International seminar "InfoVideoFilms - Forms and Functions". This seminar was conducted with the support of US Agency for International Development and Eurasia Foundation.

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